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As the world progresses the demand for the best is on the rise. Best in food, best in living conditions, best in residences etc. World over employers are working hard to provide the best working environment to their employees. The employers do so because the employees are the base, companies build upon.
It is not really tough for companies to provide for the best for their employees at the workplace, a stocked cafeteria, library for book lovers, gymnasiums for health freaks are just few of the facilities that new age
companies provide.There is just one area of concern for employers where there willingness or financial status does not play as it is an external feature that is aloof from the workplace.
People transport or services are in most cases outsourced to a logistics company. Though the companies do their round of investigations and screening they still are not satisfied with the services a logistics
company provides. Companies due to the shortage of options are held in a dilemma.
Transport provided for employees is an important factor that ensures the arrival of employees to their workplace on time day after day to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. The transport mechanism that
includes service provider, transport used for commuting, driver responsible for the pick ups and drop are equally important as they ensure the employees reporting to work, do so in a positive frame of mind.

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  • Good: Accuracy, Ethics, Response, Value, Clients, Work, culture/Environment


    Clients are treated as valuable assets for Annanya, getting swift and accurate response when required or requested for. The work culture and environment at Annanya is the positive energy that has kept employees as well as clients chugging along in complete harmony.

  • Better: Driver, training, quality, of manpower, motivation, programs, awards and recognition, stress, relief program, driver, verification, timely remuneration

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    Annanya prides itself for the quality of drivers enrolled, only after thorough verification is complete, adding value, winning awards and recognition. The mental and physical health of drivers is a priority for the company reason why we regularly run driver training and refresher programs, alongside programs to arrest and seize stress, additionally motivating them to perform at their best. Our very timely in account payment for drivers has created a trust among employer and employees that is a bonus motivational factor.

  • Best: Customer Grievance Adressal


    Annanya, ensures that the cars that are being used for corporate people movement are in good shape and keep, negating any chance of a breakdown due to mechanical failure, thus making sure the time of operation is abided by. Unlike most other service providers who listen to their clients till the contract is signed, we at Ananya have an organized customer grievance cell that is prompt in resolving issues. 

    The best and the most sought after feature that has held Ananya stay on top competition is the cost effective pricing policy, that is clearly a stimulus for companies to establish long term relations, as for the new clients we approach, our costs are tempting enough for them to consider our proposal.



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Ananya Enterprises was registered in 2010 as a proprietorship firm, by Founder Chairman Arpita Shere, holding registration number KRP/CE/3510/2010, Service Tax No: ASQPA5841HD001, Pan Card No: ASQPA5841H

Day to day functioning of the company providing logistics services, is headed and managed by the Managing Director Ranjeet Kumar Jha

Administrative office located at:

#21, Second Floor, Vinayaka Layout, Krishnarajpuram, Bangalore- 560 036.